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Exalted Ruler's Message

posted Apr 6, 2015, 10:14 PM by Web Master   [ updated Apr 8, 2016, 10:57 PM ]
Hello again all, I’m back for another go round. I’m hoping this time as your ER will be even more successful than the last. It is with mixed emotions that I take the helm this time because I was so hoping that in our membership we could find some new faces with youthful exuberance to lead us into a promising future. We do have some fine young people that have stepped up and answered the call, unfortunately they do not possess the experience to lead the Lodge just yet, so a few of us old timers need to mentor them for a few years until they are ready to lead. Sorry to say that one of the best is leaving to continue his education. I may be a little prejudice about him being the best but I think I’m entitled.
    I think the Lodge owes a huge thank you to Traci for stepping up this past year. I’m sure most of you have no idea how much time and energy it takes to be ER, but Traci went above and beyond. I’m sure we all have our thoughts about the trials and tribulations of this past year, and yes I was involved in most, if not all of them, but whatever you think or however you feel about them, Traci handled them by the letter of the rules of the Order as best we could interpret them.
    Speaking of last year, I think we all need to move on and let go of the past obstructions that are holding this Lodge divided and again together work for the common good of the Order.
    I am still looking to fill a couple of vacancies in the officer corps and I will encourage anyone harboring thoughts of becoming an officer to contact me with questions. The Inner Guard position is open and is historically where one would start the journey. I also have the Organist position to fill which would give someone a great place to start or just a reason to come to Lodge every week.
    So, here we go again. Looking forward to this year and all the great things we as Elks do to better our community, state and nation. I hope you all find your part in this, as it has been said and is so ultimately true, it’s not the destination that is most satisfying, but the journey getting there. 

    As always,