Exalted Ruler's Message

June 2021

As you are reading this newsletter we are in the midst of our historic Idaho State 99th Summer Convention. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Past Grand Exalted Ruler Michael Zellen and his lovely wife Donna along with our sponsor Roger True.

Caldwell lodge is honored to be the home lodge of the next Endorsed Candidate for Grand Exalted Ruler Keith Mills. At the same time Chuck Roberts will be installed as Idaho State President on Saturday. Be sure to stop by his party at 11:00am outside to congratulate him. We are fortunate to have dedicated officers and a great crew of volunteers so I’m sure it is running smoothly. A big Thank You to the staff and volunteers!

There is still plenty going on for the rest of June. We begin with the monthly House Committee, Trustee and Home Association meetings on Tuesday, June 8th. June will have one lodge meeting on the 10th at 7:00pm. With Mixed Club on the 17th at 5:30pm. There will be no lodge June 24th.

The annual Flag Day Ceremony will be held Thursday, June 10th before lodge. Come and show your patriotism.

Mike Mead is heading up the Jr. Golf on the 23rd and 24th. To volunteer call Mike at 208/249-2535. And come on down for the Friday night dinners. Rachel and Tony are doing a great job in the kitchen and you can’t beat the company! Prime Rib dinner is coming up on Friday the 25th, be sure to get your reservations made. Then stay for Karaoke, you wouldn’t believe the great entertainers we have in our midst.

??Question?? Do you know the story behind the flag on the wall in the lodge room? (The one in the frame.)

Fraternally Yours,

Lynn Bittick,
Exalted Ruler